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At Kanga Loader we value the opinion of our customers and appreciate valuable reviews on our product range. Some Kanga clients have owned their Compact Utility Loaders for many years and love their machines. Read about some personal Kanga journeys as well as some customers’ honest Kanga Mini Skid Steer reviews.

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Root landscape and design has operated Kanga compact loaders for 19 years -

Amy Root from 'Root Landscape and Design' comments on her experience with Kanga.

"I bought my first Kanga in 2001. Initially, because I was the only crew member starting out, and I needed help. I wanted something affordable and compact - Something that would fit through small gates, lift heavy materials, and perform several tasks by using a variation of attachments. It also had to be easy to transport to and from job sites. The Kanga loader machine met all those requirements... You name it - We have probably used our Kanga to do it!

I’d recommend a Kanga Loader to other business owners for several reasons. For starters, you won’t find a better team to work with then the people at Kanga. They are an extraordinary company to do business with. Secondly, the machines they make are designed and built like no other mini loader out there. Overall ease of use, power, versatility, affordability and quality are just a few words that come to mind to describe a Kanga compact loader.

Our Kanga compact utility loaders and attachments are the most instrumental piece of equipment we own. They perform so many tasks, save us money and allow our crews to be more efficient and less fatigued, each and every day. As an end user of 19 years now, I can’t imagine installing any of our landscape projects today without a Kanga mini loader onsite."

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Root-Landscape & Design- Kanga Loaders

Amy Root Owner / Operator Denver, Colorado, United States February 5, 2020

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David from Sun Scape Services shares his experience with Kanga -

After having lived and worked in Connecticut for several years where David from Sun Scape Services was initially getting involved in cutting greens at a golf course, him and his wife Tammy moved back to Utah. They started a small business mowing lawns. We wanted to find out a little more about their Kanga Loader journey to landscaping.

"We ran a lawn mowing business for around 10 years, before getting our first Kanga Loader in 2001 - Shortly after we took part in a demonstration. I had never seen a machine so well built in its simplicity for what it was.

Years later, we moved to Las Vegas, where we started another maintenance service. This time, we began to branch out into landscaping more and more to keep up with market demand. Our Kanga loader was our first huge advantage over our competition in the tough Las Vegas market. We have worked the machine long and hard. Servicing it regularly, and keeping up on repairs.

Some years ago, we searched for another Kanga loader, and were lucky enough to find a used machine which a company no longer needed. We purchased the machine. Fast-forwarding to today, both machines still make us money, and keep work moral higher - Even all these years after. I am so excited that Kanga Loaders is now also established in the US!"

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Sun Scape Services photo from 2002 - Kanga Loaders North America

David Owner / Operator Las Vegas May 20, 2020

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"I would not want to be without [a Kanga] again!" - John, from FBC Benton Repairs -

John, from FBC Benton Repairs shared with Kanga a little about his background within the construction industry - And his experience with a Kanga Loader.

"I have been a multi-skilled craftsman and contractor since the 1980's. I graduated high school, and chose a career path in the construction industry.
As many did in the 1970's, I began my trade as a laborer, I worked my way through an apprenticeship, journeyman, and then master, to eventually launch a business of my own, serving customers within my local community.

Originally, I bought my Kanga compact loader to increase efficiency, and make various tasks less labor-intensive. I especially love the grapple bucket, due to the grab hold and load capability, in addition to the loader bucket function of the assembly. I have auger and trencher attachments that are impressive, due to their design and ability to get the job done!

Having a Kanga loader close at hand will change the way you used to do work; it is about as sensible as having pockets in your pants - I would not want to be without it again!"

FBC Benton Repairs - hero shot of PW628 Kanga compact loader

John Stonesifer Owner / Operator 211 South Market Street, Benton, AR 72015, USA May 24, 2020

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"I have tested other brands of machines and none of them compare to the Kanga Loader." - Shawn Armstrong, from Armstrong Landscaping -

Kanga Loaders has helped Shawn Armstrong, a Landscaper from Oklahoma, to become the business owner he is today. Armstrong Landscaping has used his Kanga compact utility loader for landscaping projects over the past 22 years.

"I first saw a Kanga loader at the Tulsa Home and Garden Show in 1998. And not long after, I purchased one with a standard bucket, trencher, and angle blade. I often referred to that machine as my 'new employee' because it was so helpful! I used that machine for 8 years, then purchased my next Kanga machine in 2006. This time, with the trencher, an auger, and a 4' tiller. I had already purchased a boring unit attachment with 30’ of boring rods as well... I just recently upgraded to the new 6 Series Kanga Diesel Loader, with a 4 way (4in1) bucket.

Our Kanga helps us finish our projects quickly and safely – moving materials around job sites, and saving us a lot of back pain! We have used our Kanga to move topsoil, screening, sand, plant material, retaining wall blocks, brick pavers, and sod. Customers are very impressed when they see us grading their yards quickly with our Kanga Loader.

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Armstrong Landscaping - Kanga compact loaders working in the field

Shawn Armstrong Owner / Operator Oklahoma, United States June 29, 2020