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Kanga unveils next-gen loader

Next-Gen Compact Mini Loader

The Kanga Team October 17, 2023

Next-gen compact mini loader, set to release at the Equip Expo show in Kentucky.

The Kanga 220, affectionally known as the Kanga Kid is our new compact mini loader that comes with a slew of features designed to enhance operator experience, efficiency, and adaptability, solidifying its position as the go-to choice for compact mini loaders for over 40 years.

Next-Gen Compact Mini Loader – Some of the standout features:

Unparalleled Access: Measuring 30” (wheeled) and 31.5” (tracked) in width, the Kanga 2 Series can easily manoeuvre through narrow passages and regular doorways, ensuring accessibility to even the most restricted job sites.

Revamped Operator Capsule: The redesigned operator capsule now comes with a cushioned rear step and an operator stability extension, emphasizing both safety and comfort.

Improved Performance: The Kanga 220 is now fitted with a more powerful Honda gas engine Series, increased system pressure as well as sealed conduit electrical loom, larger battery and easier access for improved serviceability.

Next-Gen Compact Mini Loader- Small Size Big Impact

Building on the inherent strengths of the original Kanga Loaders, this new compact mini loader offers unmatched performance and user-friendliness across various applications. Quick hitch compatibility, substantial ground clearance, and a low center of gravity make it the ultimate choice for professionals.

Since its inception in 1981, Kanga Loaders has been a game-changer by pioneering the ‘stand-on’ mini loader concept. Today, Kanga Loaders stands tall as one of the leading compact utility loader producers globally, with a legacy of innovation and excellence spanning over four decades.

Kanga Loaders are the perfect fit for contractors, rental houses, and small businesses, thanks to their tough design and construction. Moreover, all Kanga Loader units are compatible with dozens of different attachments, making them incredibly versatile for a range of tasks.

“Our unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has been our driving force,” remarked Rod Lehpamer, General Manager at Kanga Loaders USA. “The Kanga 220 is a testament to our philosophy, a no-fuss machine which is designed to work hard, handed everything thrown at it and last.”

This new compact mini loader will be available in the market from October 18, 2023. Kanga Loaders USA invites those interested to contact their nearest dealer for purchase or to schedule a demo.

Find out more here:

PT220 – Tracked version
PW220 – Wheeled version

For additional details about Kanga USA and the Kanga 220 Series, please explore Kanga Loader USA.



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About Kanga Loaders:

Established in 1981, Kanga has been at the forefront of the compact utility loader industry. Our ‘stand-on’ mini loaders have set the bar high, offering unparalleled versatility, convenience, and performance. With an extensive dealer network across Australia, the USA, the UK, South Africa, and New Zealand, Kanga Loaders remains a pioneer in compact utility loader technology. Discover more at OUR STORY.

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