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Kanga Loaders Trencher Attachment for Compact Utility Mini LoadersKanga Loaders Trencher Attachment for Compact Utility Mini Loaders


The Standard Trencher features a chain consisting of 70% Tungsten Faceted rock teeth and 30% Earth teeth. Choose from a selection of teeth combinations for varying soil conditions. An optional retrofitted spring-loaded crumber is also available, which keeps the crumber blade firmly on the trench floor, leaving it free from loose soil and crumbs.
  • Different chain options for varying ground conditions
  • Tungsten Faceted and Earth teeth
  • Can retrofit a KCB Crumber
  • Side-shift frame for trenching up against walls
  • Industry-leading warranty
Ideal for pipe laying for irrigation, underground power and communications, road repairs, and general construction.
WIDTH 6” (150mm)
LENGTH 36” (900mm)
WEIGHT 380 lbs (172kg)


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