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8 Series Kanga Loader with the Title of Current Promotions

Kanga Promotions – Stay Informed of Current Specials

Leo Contador February 21, 2020

Currently, no Kanga promotions are available.

Kanga Loaders from time to time offers Kanga promotions, discounts or seasonal specials and sales for loaders and attachments.

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9 replies on “Kanga Promotions – Stay Informed of Current Specials”


please add to contact list

Tialisa Duncan says:

IT IS NOW APRIL 2021…My husband was ran over by a truck. HIS BACKED CRACKED AND HIS TIBIA AND FIBA SNAPPED OFF. HE HAS A ROD IN HIS LEG.soon be 3 years now, I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CLEAN THE YARDS AND seen your product on fb for as low as $74.63/ AND IT IS SMALL AND SEEMS LIKE SOMRTHING I MAY BE ABLE TO WORK WITH.Is it real or spam? As much as we need it,we cant afford to loose any money. He just got his disability. SO, BEFORE I PURCHASE IT…I NEED TO KNOW. THANK YOU, SINCERLY, TIA

Elisa Frank says:

Hello Tia, thanks for contacting us. We do not offer our loaders for as low as $74.63. We manufacture high quality compact equipment for the earthmoving industry. Please do not follow the links or videos on Facebook which advertise our product at $74.63, as it is a scam. We have encountered pages called Tfoood or Pzeee.

If you’d like to find out more about our pricing please give us a call or fill in the form on our contact page. Thanks!

Gregory Love says:

I would like pricing information on the 800 series mini skid steer loaders. Do your mini skid steer loader come with tracks or OTT rubber tracks? Thank you.

Jake Goodall says:

Hi Gregory!

Thanks for your comment! Please give us a call on (833) 305-2642 and one of our team will be happy to talk you through our pricing and availability!

Kanga Loaders

robert says:

Can you please furnish a link to information about Kanga riding lawnmowers. Thank you.

Hi Robert, we don’t sell ride-on mowers.

Jerry Rosskopf says:

your units must be overpriced if you give no pricing for even a basic unit on your website! Turned me off right away!

Hi Jerry, due to the variety of attachments and options that we have it is difficult to give a price breakdown without knowing your particular needs. We can however provide a starting point such as the prices of our packages. For instance, our 6 series packages generally start at 50k, our 7 series packages start at 60k and our 8 series package at 65k. Of course, this can change depending on your needs, location and preference for diesel or petrol.
If you would like to learn more, just let us know and one of our sales reps can be in contact to give you can individual price breakdown.

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