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Kanga Remote Control Loader – Working Hard where No One wants to Go

The Kanga Team February 24, 2020

Without a doubt, the Kanga Remote Control Loader will change how activities are undertaken in hazardous and high-risk work environments and is an invaluable asset for those practicing effective Risk Management. The multi-task mini skid steer provides an ergonomic, safer, more efficient working alternative, due to the system being equipped with advanced safety features such as unique ID codes, redundancy control and automatic emergency stop.

Designed with precision, using only the highest quality materials and Kanga’s reputed workmanship, the TR825 is guaranteed to change the way you work. We, the inventors of the world’s first stand-on compact utility loader have designed the Remote Control Track Loader to minimize risk and improve productivity especially around hazardous and confined work areas. In summary, Kanga Loaders purpose-built machine turns hazardous work into a safe business. Standing at 40” high, the TR825 has the ability to eliminate traditional work methods of manual labor. Thus, it will not only do your job quicker and safer, it will also save you time and money.

Kanga’s radio-controlled compact utility loader is a clear leader when it comes to accessing or cleaning spoil in tight, hazardous, and confined spaces. Most traditional remote machines have been designed for a single purpose. The TR825 offers a multitude of attachments that ensures maximum utilization for the life of the machine.


  • Cleaning under conveyor belt systems in mining applications for both stationary and operating systems.
  • Working in hazardous environments and confined access areas. Such as recovery of material with poor accessibility including drains, tanks, pipes, and other confined spaces
  • Cement smelter
  • As a multi-tasking remote compact loader, other applications include for instance: Trenching, Sweeping, Drilling holes, Levelling, Bucket work (4 in 1 Bucket), Hydraulic hammer

Minimise Risk and Improve Productivity

Most importantly, the unmanned compact utility loader offers maximum protection and increases workplace safety due to the fact that it places the operator out of the immediate vicinity of moving parts & hazardous or dangerous environments. The Kanga Remote Control Loader will give you the ability to schedule routine maintenance to eliminate unplanned conveyor shutdowns. As these are costly through the accumulation of spillage. Additionally, it will reduce labor fatigue (thus injuries) as well as help you manage your risk control on site.

Kanga Loaders Remote Controlled Loader


Manual Override: The TR825 can work in both a manual and remote mode.

Remote Control System:

  • Frequency hopping spread spectrum radios with automatic frequency management, maintaining radio link even if interference occurs
  • Fully electronic receiver with no moving parts
  • Ergonomically friendly and compact transmitter
  • Robust fiberglass nylon housing sealed to IP65
  • Certified to PLe150 13849-1

Anti-Corrosion Chain: The Kanga remote controlled compact utility loader will withstand highly corrosive environments such as iron ore, salt, copper or red dust. The zinc coating will protect the chain from seizing or rusting.

Certified Lifting Points: The TR825 includes 4 certified lifting points to allow the loader to be craned into confined spaces.

Engine Protection Shutdown: Our loader can detect low oil level & excessive heat. Hence, it will immediately shut down to protect the engine.

Vented Hood: Two removable panels have been designed onto the hood assembly of the remote control loader. These will allow additional engine bay ventilation when working in extreme heat situations.

Twin Hydraulic Cooling Fan: The cooling fans particularly serve a dual purpose that allows our Kanga remote control loader to work in confined spaces at high temperatures. Furthermore, it maintains the hydraulic oil temperature for optimum loader performance.

Variety of attachments: Kanga offers a vast selection of attachments available for remote control loader, ensuring you can use our loader in various job types. Suitable attachment are for instance: 4 in 1 Bucket, Utility Bucket, Trencher, Rotary Tiller, Auger Drive, Augers, Carryall Leveller, Multi-Purpose Tool Bar, Bucket Broom, Rubble Bucket, Turf Cutter, Tow Hitch, Hydraulic Breaker, Debris Puller, Grapple Bucket, Vinyl Stripper, Cement Mixer Bowl, Dozer Blade, Forks, Rock Grab, Rippers, Mulch Bucket, Soil Conditioner, Lawn Aerator, Front Hoe, Snow Broom & more.

Kanga Loaders Remote Controlled Loader


At Kanga we make it our business to understand yours. We realize that your business is driven by return on investment and utilization.

  • Do you want to prevent costly unplanned shutdowns of broken conveyor belt drives?
  • Are you concerned for your staff being exposed to hazardous environments?
  • Would you like to reduce lost time injuries?
  • Are you looking for a solution that provides you with an exceptional return on investment?
  • Do you want a product that will give you versatility and allow you to multi-task?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, the Kanga TR825 Remote Control Loader might be the right one for you. Our loader has a proven return on investment and can remove material up to 10 times. Thus much faster than a laborer – this eliminates the need for expensive shutdowns. Investing in the Kanga Remote Control Compact Loader will minimize the need for performing dangerous and manual tasks, immediately reducing labor fatigue and stress on joints. The TR825 will reduce LTI’s (Lost Time Injuries) that currently cost an average of $200,000 per incident.

Got questions? Contact us via our inquiry form or send us a message on Facebook.

Kanga Loaders Remote Controlled Loader

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kevin mathias says:

We are looking for information about purchasing a Kanga Remote loader. We are in eastern North Carolina and want information on this loader and the nearest dealership

Hi Kevin, no problem 🙂 Either one of our Kanga sales reps can contact you or you can check our our dealer map here > https://www.kangaloaderusa.com/buy-kanga-loaders/
If you would prefer an email just reply here with your zip code and I will pass your details onto our team.

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