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Kanga Loader drilling with an auger bit

Why choose a Kanga Loader?

Digga IT February 10, 2020

We let our products do the talking

At Kanga, we’ve never been big on grandiose claims about our products. Since 1981, we have simply let the machine do the talking for itself. Firstly, from the sturdier, tougher frame, to the larger operators platform which offers increased safety and superior ergonomics. No doubt, it is all the added features that make the Kanga Loader the worlds most trusted compact loader.

Leading the way in safety with a Kanga Loader

Every Kanga Loader is engineered for safe, user-friendly operation and peace-of-mind. Ever since 1981, we have designed Kanga Compact Loaders with user safety in mind, adhering to Government Guidelines for Workplace Health and Safety. This is why councils, governments and Hire & Rental prefer Kanga.

Power, speed, durability

In short, ‘Kanga tough’ means the very best in 3 fundamental areas: Power, Speed, and Durability.  A Kanga Loader is designed to outperform the rest and withstand adverse conditions or rough handling. Getting the job done quicker means high customer satisfaction levels and means the operator has more time to enjoy the important things in life.

Custom options available for a Kanga Loader

Over the last 39 years, we have recognized that each customer’s requirements vary. Therefore, we have custom options available so that you are only paying for what you need. Whether you are a fencer, landscaper, or contractor, we have specialized packages that will give you the leading edge in your industry.

Quality manufacturing & quality parts

In summary Kanga Compact Loaders stand for quality parts, quality manufacturing, and the most stringent quality control. In addition, the availability of spare parts is essential to keep your business running in an efficient and economic way. Readily available parts, and local support means less downtime and increased productivity. This is what Kanga delivers.

Pay only once for quality

Far too often overlooked, cost of ownership is one of the most critical factors to consider when thinking about buying a Loader. For this reason, Kanga compact loaders have been specifically engineered with cost of ownership in mind. Our customers demand the very best equipment so they can become efficient, profitable, industry leaders. Thus, you only pay once for quality at Kanga Loaders.

The best service

No doubt, quick, professional service is a must. If your machine is in for a check-up or repair – we realise that down-time costs you money. Therefore we work efficiently and around the clock to get your machine back in business.

Got questions, want to find out more, or interested in a trying a obligation-free demo? Contact our friendly Kanga Loaders team here.

Check out this video of the main features of a Kanga Compact Loader:

2 replies on “Why choose a Kanga Loader?”

Sharon Nelson says:

Please give me detailed info about your products and their quality.

Hi Sharon! Just head to our New Loaders page and feel free to download our any of our flyers! That will give you each machines capabilities, specifications and will even help you find attachments to suit. https://kangaloaderusa.com/product-category/new-loaders/

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